We discussed the need to come up quickly with a list of material that we will need to be delivered to Helsinki. We have been asked now to provide this as soon as possible such that they can be delivered in time. We agreed on creating an excel document in Google Drive to start populating this and turn this around as soon as possible.

In fact, the first item on this list that I nominated was the incinerator. As we have discusses, we will most likely embark in the following days in burning an assortment of material to create ashes, which as mentioned by Johana during the meeting, will result in a massive haze smoke. I found an incinerator that might help us making the process a bit easer:

Garden incinerator

I propose we order one of this for Helsinki?

We need also to come up with a decision on the logistic of the ashes. Will we be aiming to produce all our ashes in Helsinki, or will we be transporting them somehow from out home towns? Given the time they take to produce, we could produce some of them in advance and ship them over to Helsinki. We have the budget for this, so it is a case of setting down a cut off date for production and ship all of us the material at the same time to Helsinki. We need to decide on this quite quickly.

Last general point is on the sources of ashes. We have agreed on start experimenting on the different possible sources for ashes, and then construct our narrative back from that. Candidates so far are: Palm, banana, books, newspapers, catalogues, biowaste, paper money, cigarretes, volcanic and mineral ashes. We might need some advice from Martin here. We suspect that most of our sources are not documented, so we are experimenting on whether they will produce enough carbon for our purposes.

Individual updates:

Johana has already started testing the standard protocol provided by Martin. She has already uploaded some photographs in the google drive and she will be reporting back to us on her findings.

Pei is looking for paper money to create some ashes for this. She also found a useful site that explains how to use red cabbage as pH inicator

I (Carolina) have managed to collect some rainwater over the past few days. I will try to make some lye from banana peels and perhaps books over the weekend. I will also start with some photographic experiments on the decay and production of ashes. I will let you know how this go.

Done. Let the commenting begin—