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Charli Clark

I am Charli and I am from England, but am currently living in Espoo, Finland and studying at Aalto University on the Environmental Art MA program. My background is Fine Art and I make work using a wide range of media including film, fabric, wood, performance and paint. Since arriving in Finland in August 2103 I have been lucky enough to be accepted to the Biofilia courses and have been in the lab quite a bit. I look forward to continuing not only this exploration of direct science within the arts through this workshop, but more importantly exploring the ethical questions that arise from doing such work with a broad range of people. I have been concerned with the human relationship to/with/in nature for some time now and have created many works in attempts to increase reverence for the creatures that inhabit it.

My other interests and projects involve attempting to adjust concerning contemporary notions of society, social, community and consumption in regards to widening definitions, working towards seeing the ‘other’ as equal through working directly with ‘others’ to make work, focusing more specifically on the human relationship with food.

Helena Shiomar

My name is Helena and I am a 25-year old Franco-mexican living in Amsterdam. I am an agronomy and biotechnology engineer (MEng. AgroParisTech) and I also hold a MSc. degree in interdisciplinary approaches to Life sciences. My work has been focused over the past 2 years in systems and synthetic biology in different types of organisms (human and bacterial cells, bacteriophages), specially for biomedical applications. I have work within different institutions in the field: MIT, ETH-Zurich, INSERM and lately Pasteur Institute in Paris.

Besides my practical experience I am very interested in studying and exploring novel relationships between biotechnology and society. Mixing biology with other disciplines such as design, art, architecture, digital technology, hold promising potential for a vast range of applications and also to discover how technology models our relationship to nature and life. I have been designing and developing a video game for synthetic biology education to propose new ways of communication between synbio researchers and the public ( I have also co-organized a Biodesign workshop called BODYWARE in Paris this month where scientists, engineers, designers and artists worked together to imagine prospective products/services for the human body based on synthetic biology and biotech. Finally, I am also working with a young French designer on the introduction of bioluminescence in our daily lifes.

Martin Hanczyc

My education is in biology, genetics and evolution and over the past few years I have been expanding my experience into non-equilibrium soft matter physics. My research projects are diverse and include: interfacial dynamics, modeling of complex chemistry, optimization strategies, robot-chemistry interfaces, fundamentals of intelligent materials, synthetic biology, and new materials for architecture and engineering.

I currently hold a position as Principal Investigator in the Centre for Integrative Biology and the University of Trento, Italy. I have experience both in academia and private industry as team leader. In addition I am collaborating with several artists and architects to develop public outreach projects.

My work has been highlighted in an invited TED talk, four keynote lectures and many press items including Nature, New Scientist, BBC, WIRED and Scientific American. My work was presented on Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman, season 4 in June 2013, available on iTunes.

Pei-Ying Lin

My name is Pei-Ying Lin. I have a bachelor from National Tsing Hua University in Life Science, minor in Computer Science and Cultural Studies, and MA of Design Interactions from Royal College of Art. At the moment I base in Taipei, Taiwan, running the TW BioArt community ( with a bunch of interdisciplinary background friends ranging from high school students to 40 years old and plus. It’s been my main project since year 2012, which we run discussions, art workshops, DIY workshops, speed dating between artists and scientists, small project-sharing events, for about 1~4 times a month. The goal is to evoke more bioart projects in Taiwan and create connections with other Asian countries and maybe Europe too. If any of the European countries are interested in visiting our tiny little island that’s full of delicious food.

Personally, my interests is about human, noosphere, conscious, emotions and communications (between species and inter-species). So a few projects that I am trying to work on including: human/disease/fear choreography in a macro scale, meditation and social bacteria, and vaccination with body modification.

Carolina Ramirez-Figueroa

I am a PhD candidate in Newcastle University (UK)  working in the intersection between synthetic biology and architecture. I originally trained as an architect in Mexico City (ITESM) but started off by studying product design for a year. I have an MSc in Digital Architecture, where I started my research in synthetic biology with a dissertation called Synthetic Morphologies and Dynamic Systems in Architecture. I developed a Computer Aided Design software which allows designers to derive shape by combining morphogenetic effectors instead of relying of geometric abstractions. I am also part of a research group with interests in Interactive Design, Architecture and Synthetic Biology called ArchaID.

I am currently interested in the impact that biotechnologies might have in the conception and fabrication of the artefactual world. There is in fact a very interesting speculative discourse unraveling in architecture which asks what would happens if buildings could be created by simply codifying a shape into cells and then planting them in site. I have a creative practice led approach to the subject and I am constantly designing and experimenting with prototypes that help me to understand the impact, background and potential of synthetic biology in the generation of biological shape. My website


 Luis Hernan

Luis Hernan is an architect and researcher. Initially trained as an architect, he pursued a masters degree in Digital Architecture before embarking in his Doctoral research. His work looks at the intersection between digital technologies and architecture, understanding interaction design from a perspective of experience of space.


 Johanna Rotko

I am a visual artist and a photographer based in Helsinki/Kotka, Finland. I am graduating this spring 2015 from the Master’s Degree in New Media in Aalto university School of Arts, Design and Architecture.

I have been working with my thesis project. It’s starting point and themes for the artistic research has been my relationship with nature, biocentric world view and microbiology’s relationship with creatures. In this research I have done living images as the yeastograms. The artistic research has been done with different types of growth mediums that are used in basic microbiology.

The artistic research explores my own relationship with nature and how nature is affected by my actions. I also study the perishableness and disappearance of matter. More about the project on my portfolio: