First experiments.
Making lye from birch tree ashes with two methods.

The process has been started with traditional way of making soap. Or at least in Finland it was common to use birch tree ashes for the lye. First recipe was like this:

Another way to make lye from the ashes was:

I took 250ml of birch ashes as they were.


Now the potash or ash lye (?) has been soaked for about a week. On Easter holiday (six days old lye / 5.4.2015) I made the egg test but it did not float. I will test the lye’s pH with the red cabbage indicator and maybe also try the blueberry indicator. I will tell you later about the results…

I missed the fact that I should have used rain water…or soft water… Did the boiling do the trick? What do you think?

Here are some links that Pei suggested to use as the pH indicators:


Red cabbage

and one more… a lye calculator