I am interested in the message as to when does something become ‘something’, however I feel that by using the words ‘life’ and ‘death’ we are narrowing the scope and dividing life up in concrete terms of what is living what is not. In eco-systems this is never the case. Its always a cycle, we ‘die’ but we are still interacting with our environment, rotting down and producing new life from our ‘ashes’ and this is what is beautiful about the simplistic use of ashes for protocells. This work is a philosophical question of death or what I would term ‘passive interaction’ within the world, and life, what I would term as ‘active interaction’ within the world. When protocells start ‘awakening’ directly from the ashes without the need to be processed by maggots/worms, then minerals moving up the food chain until the food we eat and then becoming part of our molecular structure, it is the slow process of death to life. This instant ashes to life is interesting… and rainwater could be beautiful also! I am less interested personally in the use of animal fats, for example, as I feel it is an unnecessary use of animal products and doesn’t add anything but shock value, but this is just my opinion and I am happy to be challenged and persuaded if someone can give a good reason for using it and is really passionate about it.

I have been reading Jane Bennetts Vibrant Matter recently and I feel that this could be an interesting angle of the agency of matter or ‘ashes’ becoming visualized in a way humans can understand and comprehend visually. So matter; the animation of that matter and a determination or question of consciousness could be a good path!

Yes now to the representational part or the ‘art’ part. How do we deal with this issues and make something to challenge or explore the perception of life or ‘consciousness’ I think that Carolina – you have some interesting starting points for the exhibition, however I feel like the real production of an ashey protocell, not just documentation of, during the exhibition may be vital to explain this to the public. it is still mind-boggling for me and I have been thinking about it for a while now and seen the process in action.