Living ashes is a creative project part of Making Life, a project by the Finnish Society of Bioart in collaboration with Biofilia – Base for Biological Arts – Aalto University Finland and Bio:Fiction Vienna Austria within the SYNENERGENE EU Project. Six participants, working from five different countries, explore the implications of concepts of agency, matter, animation, life and death through the chemical process of saponification and protocells. The project is developed, in an initial stage, with participants participating remotely from each country. In the second stage, all authors convene in Helsinki, showing the final outcome at the Making Life exhibition, which will take place at the Lasipalatsi gallery in Helsinki, Finland from May 18th to June 1st 2015. The exhibition features different project developed within the Making Life workshop, which set out to enable practitioners to critically and in an informed manner, engage with the socio-cultural, political and ethical ramifications of synthetic biology through art.

This website is a record of the exploration, and a platform for the authors to communicate with each other. You can learn more about Making Life here, and read about the authors here.



Image by MTSOfan